5 Funniest Moments from Asian Network Comedy in Watford

5 Funniest Moments from Asian Network Comedy in Watford

A countdown of our favourite moments from the Asian Network Comedy night from Watford Palace Theatre featuring Tez Ilyas, Aatif Nawaz, Sukh Ojla, Amir Khoshsokhan and Nabil Abdul Rashid.

You can watch the full show on iPlayer now

5. When Tez was heading to a non-Asian Wedding

Tez Ilyas

Tez talks about his mate Chris’ wedding plans.

Tez walks us through all the strange things about his mate Chris’ wedding. It’s only one day?!

4. When Amir remembered that Tupac Shakur was dead

Amir Khoshsokhan – Tupac

A short animation of Amir’s thoughts on Tupac. Recorded at the Watford comedy night.

We loved this joke about the famous rapper from Amir Khoshsokhan so much that we animated it!

3. When Sukh lost all her privacy

Sukh Kaur Ojla

Sukh on the pros and cons of having to move in with your parents.

Sukh Olja talks about the disadvantages of having to move back in with her parents, including not being allowed to ever turn over from the Sikh channel!

2. When Nabil turned out to be Muslim

Nabil Abdul Rashid

Nabil talks about how some people find his name a little confusing…

Nabil Abdul Rashid explains the confused reactions he gets when people read his name first, and then meet him second.

1. When Aatif called out all the Snapchatters

Aatif Nawaz – Snapchat

A short animation of Aatif’s thoughts on Snapchat. Recorded at the Watford comedy night.

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